Why Should Pro-Lifers support the
Right to Life Act of 2005?

The Right to Life Act is the only legislation that will stop abortion dead in its tracks. By stating in unequivocal terms that a baby is a person from the moment of fertilization, Congress would be taking back its authority to pass laws that are necessary and proper for maintaining a society rooted in ordered liberty.

Legislating from the bench will only come to an end when legislators are willing to discharge their duties and enact legislation that reflects a proper understanding of science and our fundamental moral beliefs. Until legislators take actioVn on these fundamental issues, the Supreme Court will fill the space left by Congress and impose the views of a few elite and unelected judges upon every citizen.

The Right to Life Act is the only game plan that aims for a victory — one that will not sacrifice any of our young.


What about the life of the mother?

Most laws prohibiting or restricting abortion make allowances for pregnancies that endanger the life of the mother. However, thanks to modern medicine, abortion is never necessary to protect women’s lives. We base this statement on testimony of many physicians over the years. Conditions do exists, however, where life-saving treatment of a mother unfortunately results in the death of a preborn child. These treatments, though, are legally and morally not considered abortion. One may ask at this point: if there are no cases where a woman’s life is threatened by pregnancy, what harm could come from a ‘life of the mother’ exception? The harm comes in the creative interpretation abortionists give to such an exception, which then opens the door for such abortions to be performed despite the fact that they are unnecessary.


What are chances of this bill becoming law?

The 109th Congress and the White House appear more receptive to pro-life legislation now. Furthermore, the makeup of the Supreme Court may become less pro-abortion when some judges retire and are replaced. Medical technology now shows us preborn babies sucking their thumbs and smiling on 4D ultrasounds. One has to ask: if we don’t outlaw abortion now, then when? Even if you believe there is no chance of this bill becoming law, wouldn’t it be great to lift the veil of silence on abortion and have Congress hold hearings on personhood, where a strong case could be made for those who can’t speak for themselves?


Will the Right to Life Act outlaw contraception?

The Right to Life Act would protect preborns from being terminated for any reason. One of the most common reasons why preborns never get the chance to live a natural life is that they are aborted by contraceptives that are designed to cause early abortions. These contraceptives are better defined as abortifacients, since far from preventing conception, they allow the creation of a unique human person and then destroy them by preventing them from following their natural course of development. The Right to Life Act recognizes that a person exists from the moment of conception and therefore any willful ending of that life should be treated like any other instance where one person takes another’s life.


Why do some pro-life organizations oppose this bill?

Some Pro-life groups believe that despite the dismal record of trying to overturn Roe v. Wade through gradualism, there is a chance now to change the heart and minds of more people. These groups believe in appeasing the evil of abortion through the introduction of legislation that acknowledges to right to take the life of a preborn child but tries to minimize the harm that abortion is causing. While trying to minimize evil is a laudable objective, it is high time that we look in the mirror and see that abortion advocates have not been moved an inch by gradual approaches to ending abortion.


Would this legislation actually overturn Roe v. Wade?

Yes, it would.

Few people realize that Roe v. Wade shows us the way to its own downfall. The key passage, written by the author of the majority opinion, Justice Harry Blackmun, states in unequivocal terms: “If personhood is established, the case for legalized abortion collapses, for the fetus' right to life would be guaranteed by the 14th Amendment." (Roe v. Wade, Majority Decision, Section IX)

The pro-life movement keeps trying to make believe that it can work within the framework of Roe v. Wade, gradually chipping away at abortion. At the same time, the number of victims of abortion keeps climbing and well-intentioned laws are struck down time after time by the monolith of Roe v. Wade.

The Right to Life Act faces the reality that the wall of abortion is still intact.

Roe v. Wade itself offers us the key to bring down abortion, that key is personhood, and the Congress has ample room under our Constitution to define it to include the unborn.


What can I do to help?

You can make all the difference.

The most important thing you can do is to let as many people as possible know about this bill, and then have them call their Senators and Representatives. Unless the people speak up, leaders will take the path of least resistance instead of the road less traveled.

If you are religious, you should pray to end abortion. Nothing is impossible with God.